Game Cube Field Looking For Two Video Games, I Believe The Platform For Both Is The Nintendo Game Cube, But I Wont Swear To It?

Looking for two video games, I believe the platform for both is the Nintendo Game Cube, but I wont swear to it? - game cube field

The first game is a fighting game like Mortal Kombat, only much more advanced and better graphics. Their fight was a special in a special way that you are using the cattle, I remember a bat, lion, tiger, and so on.

The second game was a character, instead of playing cards? She put it on the floor and call Monster and others. As a reminder call a monster who had a field of gravity take their opponents on hand. I am sure this is not a yu-gi-oh, Digimon or Pokemon game. Also the game is not played on a board or something, took the fights in corridors, halls and outside, the fights are short and quick like an adventure game. The style reminds me of Final Fantasy, but it was not similar or related that it was the art style similar.

I hope to narrow down these descriptions, but in the end, all ideas are welcome. Games were also a few years ago and has served in the Wal-Mart if it helps. Once again, any ideas would be great, and thank you in advance.


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