Can Tonsillitis Cause Nausea Can Tonsillitis Cause Terrible Nausea In Children?

Can tonsillitis cause terrible nausea in children? - can tonsillitis cause nausea

I just brought home my son 9 years old, a doctor, she had complained of neck pain for 3 days, she says, she is today. But today she was so disgusted. It seemed to be insecure because in his neck, looked like he took a culture sees white spots on her neck. I'm worried because I have never heard of sore throat (or) can cause nausea. Does anyone know?
Thank you, I'm worried!


lildioic... said...

My daughter did. The doctor also asked if I was sick to his stomach and was then suspected streptococci. Moreover, even if they are still white spots on the throat by a virus or STREP be sick in your stomach. You feel bad for some reason. It is as if something in the back of the throat, and it makes you sick to his stomach. I know because I had that before. Just to take care if you do not develop the head forward or a stiff neck or high fever. I hope she feels better soon.

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