What Goes On In An Atlantis Events Cruise Stargate Atlantis: Letters From Pegasus...?

Stargate Atlantis: Letters From pegasus...? - what goes on in an atlantis events cruise

In this episode, the Atlantis Expedition has a message sent to the CMS and it was received. I wonder what you Stargate SG-1 is a cross over episode on this event after receipt of the message dedicated to? I recall that the SG-1 finds an MPC when they returned to Egypt in the time and use that name in the wake of Atlantis, but there were a few episodes that had spoken with SG-1, or discussions on the message of Atlantis?

I know this is sounding like a geek, but Stargate is awesome: P


MissKitt said...

It was not an SG-1, which said the message. I wish you had more episodes of the intersection

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