Where Is The Serial Number On A Birth Certificate Uk Provisional Where's The Serial Number On A Birth Certificate?

Where's the serial number on a birth certificate? - where is the serial number on a birth certificate uk provisional

In through the process of applying for a provisional license in the UK with my birth certificate, NI card and my passport is currently not working.

The application form for the type of indetification () registered as a birth certificate, but also requires a serial number. In the form of three groups of numbers.

At the top is an alphanumeric entry for "number". This is the upper left corner of the page and consists of 3 capital letters followed by a space and followed by 6 numbers.

Also high on the right side of the page if the alphanumeric others. This time, they have followed in 4 bold capital letters, followed by a space and 6 numbers.

Finally, it is an alphanumeric code, passing in the middle of the underside of the document is wrCircumcised XXXXXXX XXXXX XX / XX XXXXXX XYYYY. Replace "X" with numbers and "Y" with the letter.

What is the serial number that I use for my model of the provisional certificate?


mustange... said...

Who has the birth certificate? This could help determine whether someone is selling the same thing. Each state has its own format.

oklatom said...

I have no idea, except it says "application number" is not obvious.

I doubt you will get an answer that is useful to ask for a birth certificate in the automotive and transportation, insurance and registration.

uknative said...

I do not know how the serial number is chosen, but it must be printed in red, either the top or bottom of your birth certificate.

WelshLad said...

It is usually printed in red on the top or bottom of the form.

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