Teeth Whitening Vancouver How Much How Much Does It Cost To Get My Teeth Whitened?

How much does it cost to get my teeth whitened? - teeth whitening vancouver how much


I live in Vancouver, and I want to know how much your teeth whitening costs.
I know it's not really a fixed rate, but simply have only one idea.



mizzmom said...

Its about $ 250, but could not contact your dentist and make an appointment loacl
but there are treatments that many can have different receive a home kit, and get assigned to your car less ...

Good luck:)

in_my2nd... said...

150 to 400 $

Skinner said...

You can get almost everything you need for only 3 easy payments of $ 19.95.

deogee said...

Where I live, the $ 100 per treatment. But my friend went and gor Dentist Whitening Kit fromher and was about $ 300 and works well, it has all 3 days Overnite. The man and she was gona get Veneres and not do.

slw182 said...

I live in Toronto and the dentist charge me $ 250

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