Can Veet Be Used In Genetal Areas Has Anyone Ever Used Veet Hair Removal. How Well Does It Work?

Has anyone ever used Veet hair removal. How well does it work? - can veet be used in genetal areas

Is there anything else I can no longer use stubble or thick hair back?


Waiting 4 that something said...

If you have thick hair, then it is working properly. I did it by applying for the first time and I still have dark hair follicle remains. I recommend growing. He pulls the hair from the root and leaves it really soft.

chelsea.... said...

In fact, it works well.
I had some before. It does not smell as bad as Nair and not painful.

But I do not know desinigrates some hair does not look very good for you: /
Well, I do it anyway:)

Connie N said...

I have used before and has not worked well for me, but I have thick hair on my legs. If your hair is thinner, I also work to think.

Alexis said...

It has a good 4 me every time I do I! : D

pianofor... said...

works well, but it stinks! It is almost unbearable

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