Wedding Budget Software Just Reserved An Acer 5612ZWLMI From Comets To Collect Tomorrow, Good Idea?

Just reserved an Acer 5612ZWLMI from Comets to collect tomorrow, Good idea? - wedding budget software

Age of Yahoo! A married recently. ask, why is my laptop monitor was strange and vaguely have, and twice today looking for new ones.

He lives in the laptop at Tesco for £ 499th when I pick up some dog food, then added, and found in the same comet for £ 429th and unobtrusively.

Base specification. is:
Pentium Dual Core T2060
Speed of 1.6 Ghz
1024 MB RAM
Hard Drive 120 GB
Screen size 15.4 inches
MS Vista Home Premium.

I do not know much about computers and my budget is very tight, know to appreciate their thoughts, advice, personal experience with the product / brand.

As someone who has never bought a new computer before (both in the hand me down!) I am a little excited - but nervous - for installing / uninstalling software, etc., and I wonder if there really are fundamental Things to know (which is not specified in the manual)

soooo wish me luck, or Tell Me No


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