Show Images Of Difrent Shaps Of Viginas Why Does A Pinhole Camera With Many Holes Show Lots Of Images Of A Filament?

Why does a pinhole camera with many holes show lots of images of a filament? - show images of difrent shaps of viginas

Why is a dark room with lots of holes, many images of a filament?

Why a hole bigger than the picture is not so clear?


Waheed said...

Each hole has a picture.

One_Trac... said...

Imagine for a second that the light from each point in the thread is growing in all directions, seemed so every point of the thread through each hole of one point for each hole on the graphics card, or other (if the hole is very low) . You can have a clear picture of each point of light to see it through each pinhole.

If the hole is bigger, rows of shelves after passing through the hole and the image of any point in the filament is now important and will be blurred.

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