Hunters Hearing Aid I Was Born With Hunter's Syndrome....?

I was born with Hunter's Syndrome....? - hunters hearing aid

Anyway, I feel very fortunate to have lived a full and productive lives ... 47 now and still consider it quite right. Many victims are young people spend Hunter .... very early or very young.
My doctors are working well and congratulated me for so long. My question is .... How can you in spirit I ask for money? Yes, I got my butt to what I have and I buy hearing aids, glasses and have recently suffered due to a faulty heart valve had angiography. For me that makes it easier because I can not make much money. But people who think I'm calm, I think. In any event, had a lot of "friends" ask me for money .... It hurts me to think that friendship could be abused. Nobody offered to help me and I'll get to the point to move and live my last years away from the people who thought he knew. Sorry had to vent ..... thanks


oldcowgi... said...

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people are greedy, and we are working on mooching from more than one person, an honest effort and money received for employment. You are not really your friends. Personally, I like dogs. They offer a variety of friendship and love, and never ask for money. A bone from time to time, and a bite of biscuit, but no money. And they are good friends.

dean k said...

It depends if they are good friends, when a friend asked me money and I had it would as much as I knew that if he would be doing the opposite for me.
The disease should not affect his decision.

liveandl... said...

I think they have a distorted picture of friendship. Friends are there to help each other when they can. So when a group of friends to ask for money, what I have to say that if you give hadd otherwise how could you help us?.

Skip this throat, just because he asked.

Another thing, I think Hideing behind his illness and I think everyone should bend backwards to help you. If you want to help like everyone else.

So, if you be alone, continue to live the last years of his life alone.

Good luck!

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