Characteristics Of Dyslexia Does Someone Close To You Have Dyslexia Or Adhd/add, How Do They Act?

Does someone close to you have dyslexia or adhd/add, how do they act? - characteristics of dyslexia

I write a story (of course remains the same) for all my other questions about the stories, and I would really give the character. Maybe some are asking you to describe some of the characteristics of people with dyslexia, add, or know. How do tend to act in different situations or something that you can count on. Thnx!


BornOfTh... said...

I can not say much about ADHD, but I have dyslexia. I really do not want to act differently, but I often read things more than once ... slower than others. When I write, what they were sometimes wrong ... especially phone numbers. When I write a number and it is important to sometimes have to do that someone wrote that I show the correct number.

Hope this helps ... Good luck with your story!

suki said...

Try googling these terms and conditions

PPL, which are often not aware that it can not symptoms you have, or how they act in different situations, except that which is a symptom of another.

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