Cervical Mucus Before Menses Thick, White, Lotiony Cervical Mucus? 9 Days Before Period Is Due?

Thick, white, lotiony cervical mucus? 9 days before period is due? - cervical mucus before menses

I felt I had my first time, or something, so I ran to the bathroom and wiped and it was mainly mud. I felt around my neck to see if it covered a period or something on my finger * * with thick white CM. It was a kind lotiony. I never had before, that happens. It is a fungal infection or vaginal infection. I had not before, and had (this problem and no itching, pain or) anything else related to infections.

My husband and I are trying to become pregnant, do not know if I could be a symptom of early pregnancy or not (probably not). I'm 19th on CD Ovulate on Day 15 Cycles of 28 days.

No other symptoms. I thought it was weird b / c I've never seen that before the Great White ish or white (not even clear. More sour cream - sorry, if I have no sour cream lol perished).


Alana's Mama said...

Hello darling! The thick and creamy CM is a simple signal of progesterone and the means of ovulation. It happens to many, if not all women. : O) It is probably too early for CM happens when you are pregnant, but if so, then you will quickly notice a lot more luck than in his panties.Good!

Bun in the Oven 2/16/10 said...

This might not know a sign of early pregnancy, but until you, the BFP. Go see how many people www.twoweekwait.com was the difference in the TWW for a time she was pregnant Account. Good luck!

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