What Is Your Favorite Ina Garten Recipe DO YOU Watch The FOOD Network?

DO YOU watch the FOOD network? - what is your favorite ina garten recipe

If yes. Why do you like? Who is your favorite? What do you see? I wish there were more from Ina Garten, because the recipes are great!

I love the Food Network, and I love learning new recipes and my favorite is Paula Deen and Giada.


toaster9... said...

I see the Food Network religiously. Why? because I love food and love cooking! My Favorite 3 in this order:

1.) Iron Chef America - a fast-paced head into the kitchen exciting
2.) 30 Minute Meals - these are some of the recipes are really just trying to make that will last all day, to beat up
3.) Everyday Italian - Giada is a great cook, and I'm from a big Italian family and I can wear

I like to see, easy entertaining with Michael Chiarello, Barefoot Contessa, and ham on the street, but not as much as my three cooking (Paula, is also good. I find it funny that never waits until they shall be to eat their creations. it always ends in the pit!).

billyand... said...

How to eat a fat cake cake

Hey, wait that's me

love_lif... said...

I love watching "Good Eats. Alton Brown rocks !!!!! I also Giada.

MissDani... said...

I see every day. Ina and Paula's are my fav'.

mardaw said...

I love food network! I see every day! I think we can become addictive. I love trying new recipes. My two favorites are Paula Dean and Giada. I can not wait until you put new programs, when I saw them together! The show not only that I see are semi-craft and show where your wife cooks food weeks ahead. Do not work for me! My son and my husband eats everything in my kitchen!

luke m said...

All fat, with the exception of a Countess **- AND SEMI-HOMECR * P, other than Elmer (Alton)-John's pretty good and you do not like Emeril!
And I am so IN LOVE WITH TOO BAD Santa Paula saw it first! LOL

pyt_tlc said...

I loved the Cook's Tour, but it was canceled, and now Anthony Bourdain Travel Network ... The show is better than ever and called unreserved. There are also love Iron Chef Morimoto because he's My Fav. I love Rachel Ray, if it is not really a trained cook, but has a great personality. I do not know how the half-house show. I love Barefoot Contessa Italian and every day such a passion for cooking and unique spin to an old recipe.

Kurt C said...

No, I'm hungry. Then sit down to eat and grow!

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